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Overcoming Supply Chain Delays – In Stock & Ready To Ship

The world has seen unprecedented supply chain delays and limited availability in the past three years. One of the pivotal aspects affected within the natural gas industry has been project timelines. The uncertainty of the supply chain availability has made it increasingly challenging to maintain project schedules and planned budgets. A delay in the arrival […]

Cathodic Protection: Simple – Cost Effective – Compliant

By Will Shaw: Designed for the FlexNet® AMI System There has been a trend in the natural gas industry for years, and that trend has been more stringent federal regulations. One of the many demands from federal regulations has been the measurement and reporting of corrosion on natural gas piping. Rightfully so, these regulations need […]

“Built right” from the start

The FlexNet system was developed as a point to multipoint infrastructure which, in this author’s opinion, is much easier to install than other technologies.  Sensus also broadcasts on private frequency, which permits higher power transmissions, allowing the system to broadcast over a longer range – miles farther than competitive offerings.  And, with over 1,200 systems […]

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