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Overcoming Supply Chain Delays – In Stock & Ready To Ship

The world has seen unprecedented supply chain delays and limited availability in the past three years. One of the pivotal aspects affected within the natural gas industry has been project timelines. The uncertainty of the supply chain availability has made it increasingly challenging to maintain project schedules and planned budgets. A delay in the arrival of essential components or a sudden unavailability of required materials translates to setbacks, hindering the industry’s ability to meet demand promptly.

Supply Chain Despite challenges, ECCO has remained focused on being a steadfast partner in navigating the challenges of supply chains. In a marketplace where unexpected fees, and project delays have become normalized, we strive to stand out by maintaining a ready-to-ship inventory that ensures you have what you need when you need it. Our proactive approach aims to bypass common hindrances, enabling you to avoid costly delays that threaten project budgets and timelines. Our goal is to help you reach success with your projects by keeping them on track despite unpredictabilities in the marketplace.

Understanding the urgency and demands that come with our clients’ projects is why we are so proud to offer a wide variety of products with faster lead times. We’ve highlighted just a few products below that are currently in stock and ready to ship in hopes we may help you bring your project to completion faster and on budget.

Don’t let uncertainties in supply chains slow you down; instead, reach out to us at sales@equipmentcontrols.com or 800.554.1036. We’re here to facilitate a smoother, more reliable process, ensuring that you can meet project milestones with efficiency and assurance.

Belgas P140

Belgas P140 Regulator 

Uses include commercial, residential and light industrial for burners and unit heaters. Available with or without internal relief.


PF Governor 400 Vent Limiter

Governor PF400 Vent Limiter

Ideal for a wide range of residential through large industrial applications


PF 400 Governor outdoor

Governor PF400 Outdoor

Designed to comply with the latest CSA and international standards for regulators suitable for indoor and outdoor installations with no modifications


PF 400 Governor Vertical Ven Limiter

Governor PF400 Vertical Vent Limiter

The external vent limiter reduces piping costs and the need for costly vent piping for indoor installations and complies with CSA guidelines.


Sensus Gas Meter R-275TC


Sensus R-275TC Meters with Direct Read Index

A gas meter that combines the latest design concepts and modern engineering materials.


Belgas P143 Regulator


Belgas P143 Regulator

Ideal for natural gas, air, propane and general-purpose gas pressure regulation


USG 496 Regulator


USG 496 Regulator

Domestic service regulators offer rugged construction for a lifetime of reliable service


USG 143-80 Regulator


USG 143-80 Regulator

Feature precise pressure control and outstanding performance and dependability.

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