Pietro Fiorentini’s Reflux 819S is Designed Specifically for High Sulfur Applications

By Jim Micklos: High Sulfur (H2S) in a natural gas pipeline leads to many issues. In addition to being a poisonous gas, (lethal above 100 ppm), when it is mixed with water, H2S can accelerate pipeline corrosion. For gas pressure regulators, sulfur deposits can prevent the regulator from locking up tightly. Sulfur in the regulator […]

Peachtree Corner’s Veterans Monument

The Peachtree Corner’s Veterans Monument was created to honor all veterans past, present, and future. The monument displays seven sculptures, benches, and wall caps that tell the stories of those who have served over time. The sculptures, created by figurative sculptor Chad Fisher, form an Honor Guard around an Eagle. These pieces are designed to […]

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