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Wine to Water Partnership for Clean Water and Sustainable Future

Wine to Water

By Danielle Williams

EC[COnnection] is the social pillar of our larger sustainability program EC[COnscious]. It is our intentional emphasis on a people-first mindset. We believe that our commitment to our employees, customers, suppliers, and industry extends to the communities around us not only locally, but internationally as well.

Wine to Water Partnership

ECCO was first introduced to Wine to Water (W2W) through a corporate volunteer event in 2022, in which the employees at multiple locations virtually met to complete the build of Sawyer water filter kits. The kits were then mailed to W2W for quality assurance assessment and distributed as part of their on-going relief work. The benefits of the filter captured the attention of our Sr. Vice President of Accounting and Human Resources, Desmond Terry. He is native to Freetown, Sierra Leone and thought the water filter could benefit his childhood home by providing a source of clean water for consumption. Desmond stated, “In Sierra Leone, water is not the problem, lack of consistent access to clean water is a major problem. I believe the Sawyer Water Filter will be of tremendous significance to the country. In addition, the ease of use and maintenance also makes it a very good fit. Compared to some other water filtration systems this unit is relatively inexpensive not to also mention the wide range of water borne bacteria that this system filters, it’s a win-win for everyone.”

In support of this goal our company president, Jeb Bell, offered ECCO’s aid in the distribution of water filter kits in Sierra Leone. We reached out to the mayor’s office in Freetown to gain clarity on how the water filters could make an impact. Through a coordinated effort with the mayor’s office and the Freetown City Council (FCC), ECCO has agreed to provide water filters that can be distributed to clinics, schools (PHU), and markets. In a partnership launched in February 2024, ECCO, with the assistance of Wine to Water (WTW) and International Mutual Aid (IMA), have partnered with FCC to make clean water available to 150 institutions through the distribution of the Sawyer water filter.

We encourage you to visit the Wine to Water website, learn more about the organization, and see how you can volunteer to help provide clean water to people in need, making a positive impact in our global community.

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Our Initiative Partners

Wine to Water 

Wine To Water is a global non-profit preserving life and dignity through the power of clean water. Founded in 2004, we develop WASH (water, sanitation, hygiene) solutions in direct partnership with local leaders, creating impact beyond water.

International Mutual Aid 

IMA was founded by a US/Sierra Leonean team of medical providers.  Their on-going mission is to deliver essential medical treatment, in response to the raw realities of rural Sierra Leone, where other medical professionals rarely go. Part of which has been providing clean water to the residents.


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