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Natural Gas Advocacy

By Bill Dobbins:

The recent political environment has placed more emphasis on clean energy solutions. 98% of the world’s scientists agree our earth is slowly warming, and CO2 emissions are considered part of the problem. Our customers are focused on developing methods and utilizing technology to become “carbon neutral”.

Some of these methods include:

  • Hydrogen (H2) injection into the pipeline. Currently, firms are conducting tests of the durability and long-term effects of the pipeline infrastructure.
  • ECCO has aligned with Pietro Fiorentini, an established partner to the natural gas industry, who provides the technology and products that are compatible with H2 injection.
  • Utilizing Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) capturing methane and recycling – consumers will experience a higher cost of energy.
  • Utilizing solar and wind to subsidize the grid. Currently, it constitutes 4.7% of the grids electric energy demand and has not found to be sustainable at this time due to storage.

The issue that we fail to discuss, and should be concerned about, is the cost to the consumer. These alternatives will cost the consumer 10% to 40% more and these solutions are currently unsustainable. Currently, natural gas is the lowest cost and most efficient form of energy. An estimated 40% of the U.S. power plants are fueled by natural gas and the number is growing.

Other concerns to consider: while the US is focusing on clean energy and rising costs, our world competitors Russia, China and India are building more coal fired power generation plants and becoming more competitive on their energy costs. In addition, the U.S. is importing these natural resources, that the U.S. has in abundance, from countries that are not sensitive to the environment. The U.S. generates the highest quality, cleanest, and most efficient oil/natural gas used for consumption in the world.

These are the topics that should be addressed when having conversations regarding energy and the environment – please be reminded of these facts and be a natural gas advocate.

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