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Romet RMT

Romet RMT

The RMT meter is Romet’s most advanced meter body. The extruded aluminum body along with our proprietary impeller profile provides improved rangeability while maintaining the highest levels of accuracy and precision through our patented pinned timing gear design. An integral mechanical backup counter comes standard on the entire RMT size range providing our customers with the peace of mind that accurate and reliable measurement will be maintained throughout the life of the meter.

All meters are pressure tested up to 4x MAOP to ensure only the toughest meters leave our facility.
Each meter is individually factory tested and certified for measurement accuracy meeting or exceeding ANSI B109.3 rotary gas meter requirements.
RMT meters come standard with an integral mechanical backup counter to give our customers confidence that reliable measurement will always be achieved.

RMT600 Flanged.pdf
RMT1000 Flanged.pdf
RMT1500 Flanged.pdf
RMT2000 Flanged.pdf
RMT3000 Flanged.pdf
RMT5000 3 inch Flanged.pdf
RMT7000 Flanged.pdf
RMT11000 Flanged.pdf
RMT16000 Flanged.pdf
RMT23000 Flanged.pdf

Installation Bulletin 603_RMT_Rev 4 (English).pdf

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