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SENSUS SmartPoint® GM Industrial Transceiver

SENSUS SmartPoint® GM Transceiver for Industrial Gas Meter Applications

The FlexNet® SmartPoint® GM transceiver for industrial applications harnesses the power of two-way communications, connecting gas utilities with their customers, for exceptional business-to-business service.
More impact on revenue, less impact on your customers
Collecting detailed usage data once required physical access to restricted, remote or busy industrial locations, but not anymore. With FlexNet SmartPoint transceivers, you uncover revenue generating opportunities while limiting employee exposure to hazardous conditions.
Walk-by – Drive-by – Fixed Base
FlexNet SmartPoint transceivers are designed to meet the specific metrology needs of commercial gas service. Our high-power three port SmartPoint fits Form A pulse output devices to report corrected and uncorrected readings and alarm conditions. What’s more, FlexNet SmartPoint transceivers can be installed as walk-by, drive-by or fixed base communication endpoints, then have their broadcast platform reconfigured easily, for true operational efficiency. So the


  • Delivers consistent meter readings, down to hourly details
  • Preserves your investment in existing meters, indexes and piping
  • Provides insight into consumption patterns
  • Enables easy migration from walk-by/drive-by to fixed-base solutions
  • Creates new revenue opportunities with small business customers


  • Flexible operation
  • Less infrastructure
  • Operational savings
  • Hourly reading data


  • Compatible with a range of Sensus and non-Sensus meters
  • 2 watts broadcast power
  • Frequency range: 896-960 MHz
  • 8000 channels, in 6.25 kHz steps
  • Proprietary narrow band modulation
  • Non-volatile memory
  • Operating temperature: -30° F to +150° F
  • Lithium thionyl chloride batteries with hybrid layer capacitor (HLC)
  • 20-year warranty
  • FCC CFR 47: Part 24D, Part 101C, Part 15 licensed operation
  • Industry Canada (IC) RSS-GEN, RSS-119, RSS-210
  • Class 1/Div. 1 operating environment


Smartpoint GM Transceiver Data Sheet
Gas SmartPoint Transceiver Compatibility Guide

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