SENSUS SentryPoint Cathodic Protection Test Point CPTP100

SENSUS SentryPoint Cathodic Protection Test Point CPTP100

The SentryPoint™ Cathodic Protection Test Point (CPTP100) measures and collects protective voltage data at cathodic protection test stations. That data is then transmitted back to you for display and analysis. With daily data reporting, one-hour alarm response, and support for up to four data channels, the CPTP100 gives you confidence to manage cathodic protection remotely.

• Installs quickly and discretely
• Generates more timely, actionable intelligence
• Improves operational efficiency
• Cost effective solution
• Rapid payback

• Sealed, waterproof polycarbonate or NEMA cover options
• Slim body attaches to rectifier enclosure
• Measures AC and DC voltage with one percent reading accuracy

• Internal mount dimensions (Polycarbonate enclosure) – 7.9”x 5.0” x 2.2”
• External mount dimensions (NEMA 4X compliant enclosure) – 4.0” x 7.3” x 12.4”

SentryPoint CPTP100 Data Sheet

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