PF Dival 500

PF Dival 500 Direct-Acting Gas Pressure Regulators

The DIVAL 500 series of spring loaded, diaphragm controlled balanced plug gas regulators are suitable for low, medium and high pressure.

Divals and shut-off device series regulators are supplied with internal sensing lines. Both the regulator and the shut-off device are preset for optional connection to an external sensing line by the customer.

They are widely used in both civil and industrial installations using Natural Gas, LPG and other non-corrosive gases.

The special regulator design combined with a balanced plug result in:
•    High flow rate coefficient
•    High accuracy, even at maximum flow rates
•    Reduced lock-up pressure zone and lock-up pressure
•    Reduced response times
•    No internal leakage at zero flow rate
•    Fail open type
•    Regular l maintenance without disassembling the body from the pipework
•    Ability to retrofit the slam-shut OPSO/UPSO, (only LA model) without modifying the existing pipe

Technical data
• Accuracy class: Up to 10
• Available size DN: 1″ – 1″ 1/2
• Closing pressure class SG: Up to 10
• Design pressure: BP: 10 bar MP / TR: 20 bar
• Design temperature: -20°C to 60°C
• Flanging: See catalog
• Outlet pressure range of Wd: BP 13- 100 mbar MP 100 – 300 mbar  TR 300 – 2500 mbar
• Range of inlet pressure bpu: BP: 0.5÷10 bar MP / TR: 0.5÷20 bar


Dival 500 Technical Manual

Dival 500 Bulletin

Dival 500 Data Sheet

Dival 500 Poster

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