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PF Aperval

PF Aperval Pilot-Operated Gas Pressure Regulators

Aperval is a pilot-controlled pressure regulator for medium and low pressure applications.

Aperval is normally a fail open regulator and will open specifically under the following conditions:
• Breakage of  main diaphragm
• Lack of sensing line connection
This regulator is suitable for use with previously-filtered, non-corrosive gases.

Functional Features
• Accuracy class AC: Up to 2.5% guage
• Design inlet pressure: 275 PSIG
• Range of inlet pressure: 7.25 to 275 PSIG
• Range of downstream pressure: 2” W.C. to 137.5 PSIG depending on installed pilot
• Minimum working differential pressure: 7.5 PSIG
• Minimum ambient temperature: Execution up -40°F
• Maximum ambient temperature: 140°F
• Flowing gas temperature: -4°F to 140°F
• Accuracy class AC: Up to 2.5% gauge
• Lock-up pressure class SG: Up to 5% gauge

Aperval Bulletin
Aperval Technical Manual
APF Aperval Poster

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