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PF Aperval 101

PF Aperval 101 Pilot-Operated Gas Pressure Regulators

The APERVAL 101 is a pilot-controlled regulator for low- and medium-pressure applications. The
APERVAL 101 is a fail-to-open regulator.
It will open if:
• There is no pilot loop supply;
• The main pilot diaphragm is damaged.
This regulator is suitable for use with previously-filtered, non-corrosive gases.
Its truly “top entry design” allows all maintenance to be carried out without taking the body off line.

Technical data
• Accuracy class: Up to 2,5 (according to operating conditions)
• Available size DN: 2″- 3″ -4″
• Closing pressure class SG: Up to 5
• Design pressure: up to 18,9 bar
• Design temperature: -10° +60° C (higher or lower temperatures on demand)
• Flanging: class 125FF-125RF- 150RF according to ASME B 16.1, and PN16 according to ISO 7005-2
• Maximum working differential pressure: 19 bar (275,5 Psig)
• Minimum working differential pressure: 450 mbar (7.25 PSIG)
• Outlet pressure range of Wd: 5 mbar to 9500 mbar (2″w.c. to 137.5 psig)
• Range of inlet pressure bpu: 0,5 to 25 bar


Aperval Bulletin

Aperval Technical Manual

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