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Sensus Mark-II

Sensus Mark II™ turbo meters

Sensus Mark II™ turbo meters offer high-performance gas measurement capabilities with thoughtful design features that make them easy to install and maintain. The 4 – 12″ turbos feature a top-entry design that allows the measurement module to be removed from the meter body without disassembling the pipeline. They provide accurate and reliable measurement data over a wide range of operating flows and conditions. Mark II meters are ideally suited for meter-mounted volume correctors, and they are easily adapted to many flow computers.

All moving parts are housed in a sealed chamber, protected from line contaminants. The unique design of the 45-degree or 30-degree blade angle rotor allows the meter to extract the maximum amount of kinetic energy from gas as it flows parallel to the blades. Mark II turbo meters accept a multitude of meter-mounted readout devices and provide calibrated pulse outputs for electronic measurement.

Mark II turbo meters combine wide rangeability, low pressure loss, uninterrupted gas flow and near instantaneous response to rapid flow change. This makes them ideal choices for high-volume measurement applications including:

• Commercial and industrial custody transfer measurement in distribution systems
• Custody transfer measurement in transmission systems and at pipeline interconnections
• Custody transfer measurement for town border stations
• Measurement of fuel gas for electric generating stations, compressors and gas engines
• In-plant measurement for process control or cost allocation purposes

• Provides two separate performance envelopes per meter size
• Allows access to the measuring module and all moving parts without removing the meter body from the line
• Provides durability and superior accuracy over a wide flow range
• Reduces maintenance visits with a self-lubricating cartridge
• Easily upgrades to Sensus Auto-Adjust™ technology without removing the meter body

• 30-degree and 45-degree rotor blade angles available
• One or two pulse outputs via blade tip sensors
• Top-entry design
• Calibrated measuring element is an interchangeable module
• Improved gas flow conditioning with integral straightening vanes
• Robust rotor-shaft ball bearings
• Optional automatic oiler
• Easily upgrade to Auto-Adjust turbo meter without removing the meter body

• Models that fit 4”, 6”, 8” and 12” pipelines
• 45-degree or 30-degree rotor blade angles

Mark II Turbo-Meters Data Sheet

Mark II, Mark IIE and Auto-Adjust Installation and Maintenance Instructions International

Mark II and Mark IIE Turbo-Meters Slot Sensor Data Sheet

Mark II and Auto-Adjust Turbo-Meters 30-degree Blade Tip Rotors Data Sheet

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