Excess Flow Valve Model P41 2" IPS SDR 11, 2406, 12" LONG, with Series 5500 Valve

Excess Flow Valve # P41 by
Gas Breaker

Excess Flow Valve Model P41 2″ IPS SDR 11, 2406, 12″ LONG, with Series 5500 Valve

• Work with the flow of natural gas as the sensing source
• Activate when a line rupture causes an excess flow condition
• Automatically reset and resume normal operation after repairs are made using a slight gas bypass to re-pressurize the line
• Non-bypass models are also available. These models are reopened by correcting the excess flow condition and manually applying back pressure to the line and valve.
• Install in minutes with standard tools
• Operate within your normal service line sizing requirements to avoid tripping by snap-acting loads
• Higher capacity EFVs can accommodate future increases in gas loads.
• Maintain stability under turbulent flow conditions by using a unique, dynamically balanced float
• Available for virtually all pressures and service line capabilities
• Can be fabricated with fitting and piping materials from most manufacturers
• Flow Ranges from 1,000,000 to 24,000,000 BTU
• Meet DOT 192.381 and MSS-SP-115
• Tested to, or in accordance with, ASTM F 1802
• Compatible with steel or plastic fittings and piping materials from most manufacturers


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