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EAGLE Field Manager™ V2 Software

EAGLE Field Manager™ V2 Software

Field Manager™ is a Windows® based application specifically designed to support all Eagle Research Corporation® products within one common platform. Field Manager™ provides an easy-to-use feature set to assist users with 1) Setup and Configuration, 2) Data collection, 3) Viewing alarms/events, and 4) Device calibrations. It also includes a variety of other useful tools for troubleshooting and reporting. Communication to the field device is handled through USB, Ethernet, an RS232 communications cable, or using the optional Bluetooth interface. An extensive library of configuration databases simplifies the identification of standard device types in the field. The software matches the field device to a corresponding device type automatically and displays the appropriate graphical configuration forms for the user.

Features and Benefits:

• Auto unit identification
• Formatted and CSV report generation
• Simple history data collection
• Easy tab navigation for data viewing and software configuration
• Direct, dial-up, or TCP/IP based connection
• Calibration wizards
• Live Graphing on select process items
• Circular Charting
• Data export synchronization to Talon™ Family of Products and sharing with other technicians
• Windows® Operating System: Server 2003, 2008, 2012, 2016, 2019; Windows® 7, 8.1, 10, 11

Virtual Keypad Functions:

• Check and/or Clear alarms
• Access Configuration, Calibration, and Debug modes
• Access different Labels configured in the field device
• Work with system passwords
• View the Firmware Version and device serial number

Eagle Field Manager V2 Bulletin

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