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EAGLE Field Manager™ Software

EAGLE Field Manager™ Software

Field Manager™ is a Windows® based configuration utility designed to support all Eagle Research Corporation® hardware in the field. Field Manager™ provides an easy to use group of functions to assist the user in setting up and configuring the field device, gathering data, viewing alarms, and calibrating transducers. It also features a variety of other useful tools for troubleshooting and configuring. Communication to the field device is through USB, RS232 laptop cable, or using the optional Bluetooth interface. A library of configuration databases simplifies the identification of standard device types in the field. The software matches the field device to a corresponding device type automatically and displays the appropriate set-up forms for the user.

Features and Benefits:

• Auto unit identification

• Simple history data collection

• Easy tab navigation

• Direct, dial-up, or TCP/IP based connection

• Calibration wizards

• Live Graphing on select process items

• Circular Charting

• Data export synchronization to Talon™ Family of Products

• Windows® Operating System: Server 2003, 2008, 2012; Windows® 7, 8.1, 10


Eagle Field Manager Bulletin

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