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Equipment Controls Divisions Provide Focused Solutions

Focused Solutions to Provide Better Innovation

Focused on providing innovative products, with sustainability in mind, Equipment Controls Company (ECCO) provides solutions from the well tip to residential homes and businesses. Each business segment of ECCO is designed so that each team member is an expert in the area they serve, from product knowledge to field support. We’ve highlighted each of our business segment solutions to help you reach the right team for your needs.

ECCO Business Segment Solutions

Combustion Solutions:

ECCO offers innovative and adaptable system design built on reliable technology and backed by technical expertise, training and support resulting in versatile performance capabilities.

The key to a well running combustion system burner is to ensure fuel is delivered to the burner at a consistent pressure and flow as specified by the burner manufacturer. Ultimately, the gas pressure regulator at the beginning of the fuel gas train is the foundation to a properly running burner.

We take pride in working with quality manufacturers that are focused on producing quality products designed to shape a more sustainable future. Pietro Fiorentini (PF) manufactures high quality gas regulators, delivering consistency, accuracy and safety. PF’s balanced valve designs also deliver incomparable turndown performance and repeatability.

Some design highlights:

  • Modular design allowing addition of safety devices
  • High turndowns, up to 500:1
  • Balanced valve design eliminating need for different sized orifices

Industrial/Commercial (IC) Solutions:

ECCO delivers innovative solutions for industrial and commercial natural gas applications. Focused on adaptable technologies backed by technical expertise, training, and support, we offer a variety of products that are versatile, reliable, and code compliant for all applications, installation, and maintenance issues. We also have a large supply of inventory in stock and ready to ship, cutting down on lead times.

Our market solutions serve supply houses, engineers, contractors, and distributors; offering versatility, national distribution networks, and superior performance backed by exceptional customer commitment.

We promote environmentally sustainable products by working with manufacturers who are consistently designing products that lessen the carbon footprint.

We have strategically-located engineering and field support staff nation-wide to help with your product sizing and selection, application issues, and on-site support needs.

We provide virtual and in-person training from basic product classes to ASPE-accredited CEU courses at no cost.

Customer satisfaction is key to our success. We have assembled a highly-responsive team, with decades of industry experience, to meet your expectations in a timely manner.

Local Distribution Companies (LDC) Solutions: 

ECCO’s LDC business segment is dedicated to local distribution companies focused on providing safe and environmentally-sustainable gas pressure regulator solutions. From the power house to the resident, we offer a full complement of gas pressure regulators with a balanced valve design, creating a more efficient flow downstream.

Our products, manufactured with superior materials, require less maintenance, reduce the number of repairs, which releases less emissions into the environment and extends the life of your investment.

Most importantly, we focus on providing our local distribution companies with high-quality products, shorter lead times, and competitive pricing for natural gas over pressure protection and hydrogen-ready products.

What you can expect:

Environmentally Sustainable products from manufacturers focused on lessening the carbon footprint.

SafeGate™ technology is designed to control pressure with an added level of built-in safety.

Engineering and field support are strategically-located in all major markets east of the Rockies to help with your support needs.

Superior customer satisfaction by a highly-responsive team dedicated to meeting your expectations in a timely manner.

Transmission Solutions:

ECCO aims to offer the highest level of technology to support reliability, sustainability, and efficiency for our transmission customers. Offering products that support the delivery of natural gas from the main line to the consumer, while maintaining high volume and high accuracy through proven technology.

We work with manufacturers who use high-quality materials, requiring less maintenance and repair. Our manufacturers also provide products that resolve metering and regulator issues with the highest level of support and customer satisfaction.

Measurement and Communications Solutions (MaCS):

MaCS is a specialized division within ECCO that focuses on developing and delivering Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) and Advanced Meter Reading (AMR) solutions to utility companies.

Our customer-centric approach drives us to work closely with utility companies to understand their specific needs and requirements. Leveraging our industry knowledge and technical capabilities, we design and implement customized AMI/AMR solutions that align with each utility’s goals. Our mission is to help utilities improve efficiency, achieve sustainability objectives, and provide their customers unmatched service.

With a strong foundation in the utility industry and access to ECCO’s vast resources, the MaCS team brings a wealth of expertise to address the unique challenges faced by utility providers.

For more information, email us at

Utility Solutions: 

For utility clients, ECCO provides products and services that promote greater efficiency and safety. Focusing on reliable data transmission, optimized operational efficiencies and environmental sustainability, we work with our manufacturers to provide the latest technologies and solutions.

Our Market Solutions

  • Measurement: We work with manufacturers such as EAGLE, Sensus and Romet, providing products that generate gas path data, so you can make real-time decisions.
  • Instrumentation:  We work with manufacturers such as EAGLE, Sensus and Romet, to provide solutions that transform the way data is recorded, managed and utilized, so you can take action.
  • Leak Detection: Our Sensit product line provides faster and more accurate leak detection for prevention and emergency response.
  • Regulation: Our PF and Sensus product lines provide you the ability to safely and accurately regulate gas pressure.

Our experienced team works with you to provide technology that will streamline your operations and enhance your customer service.

Since 1965, Equipment Controls Company has been focused on delivering innovative solutions driven by everyday challenges. ECCO’s growth can be attributed to providing complete customer satisfaction with professionalism, ethical standards, and exceptional product knowledge. We continue to strengthen our commitment to lessening the carbon footprint by working with manufacturers dedicated to developing technologies and solutions that can shape a more sustainable future.

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