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Our Exceptional Service Goes Beyond Product Knowledge to Complimentary CEU

Since 1965, Equipment Controls Company has been striving to operate at a higher level, focusing on providing innovative solutions, and to us, that extends beyond exceptional product knowledge and the latest technology. We strive to provide tools and services that not only help us stand out from the rest, but put our clients and customers first. That’s why we’ve partnered with the American Society of Plumbing Engineers to offer needed continuing education courses that not only provide the CEU credits required, but are at no cost to you. No tricks, no gimmicks, just free CEU.

Courses are instructed by industry experts, are easily accessible and quick to complete. Upon completion, your certificate is conveniently emailed directly to your inbox. Easy, virtual and no cost. Currently offering six course topics to choose from, we are always working to add additional topics to our course catalog.

Detailed below is our current course catalog. To inquire or register, simply complete our online form on our CEU catalog page. 


Intro to Gas Regulators – 1 credit hour*

This course offers an understanding of gas regulators. Topics include gas pressure and flow, mechanical technologies, terms, definitions and conversations and an introduction to standards and codes.

Gas Regulator Venting – 1 credit hour*

This course provides an overview of venting standards and codes related to vent and vent-limited gas regulators.  Topics include gas codes and applications, line pressure regulators, standards and certifications, regulator venting and integral vent limiting regulators.

Gas Regulator Sizing and Selection – 1 credit hour*

This course provides an overview of the regulator sizing and selection process.  Topics cover items necessary for sizing and selecting gas regulators, the importance of sizing and selection, turndown ratio, why droop is important and regulator sizing online tools.

Gas Regulator Installation & Troubleshooting – 1 credit hour*

This course provides an in-depth look at regulator installation and troubleshooting. Topics begin with a review of gas regulator basics and include installation best practices, proper installation of downstream control lines, examples of installations, and FAQ troubleshooting scenarios.

Gas Regulators & Over Pressure Protection – 1 credit hour*

This presentation provides an in-depth look at gas regulators and over pressure protection. Topics include over pressure protection for line pressure regulators, four major ways of providing over pressure protection, relief valve operation, automatic shutoff valves, compliant vs certified.

Intro to Gas Metering – 1 credit hour*

This presentation provides an overview of natural gas meters.Topics include basic understanding of rotary meters, diaphragm meters, turbine meters, ultra sonic meters and a review of pressure and temperature gas laws pertaining to gas flow correction.

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