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If you ask Google, “What is company culture?”, it will return to 2.13 billion results. Ask 10 different people and you’ll probably get 10 different answers. Even though this has been a topic of discussion in companies for decades, a singular definition remains ambiguous, however, the advantages of a compelling company culture can’t be denied.  Here at Equipment Controls Company (ECCO), we believe that company culture is simply our company’s personality.

So, why does culture matter? It matters because our people matter, inside and outside of the workplace.  We want them to feel empowered and invested. We want to foster an environment where people can be the most authentic version of themselves while producing their best work.  We want our employees to be a part of a healthy team and foster positive relationships with co-workers and customers.

Although there may be other companies who do what we do, we aim to be distinguished by how we do it.




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