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XARTU™ Transfer Prover

XARTU™ Transfer Prover

The XARTU-TP™ Transfer Prover is a portable system designed to provide accurate field proving for rotary, turbine, and diaphragm meters. Its compact design allows the prover to be transported to field locations without the need for a dedicated vehicle or multi-person work crews. Net weight for a 3M prover without the blower and hose is only 64 lbs. The prover system’s low demand power design allows testing and blower operation using only a standard AC/DC inverter, as opposed to the need for a dedicated AC circuit or gas generator. Each prover is shipped from the factory with NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) test report.

Features and Benefits:

• Compact and Portable
• Accurate Field Proving for Rotary, Turbine, and Diaphragm Meters
• Configurable Via RS232 for Modbus Communication
• Use Standard AC/DC Inverter
• NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) Testing

Proving System Package Includes:

• Prover electronics XARTU-TP™

• Detachable high frequency pulser

• Master Meter

• Quick connect, fast responses, temperature probe

• Quick connect pressure tubing

• Push button for manual operation

• Blower with quick connect 10’ hose included

• Rugged Pelican case with custom foam insert

• Net weight total 3M only – 85lbs

• Net weight Prover 3M only – 64lbs

User-friendly Features:

• Run modes for Automatic and Manual

• Menu driven weatherproof keypad

• Easy to read 4 Line display

• Fully supported in Field Manager™ software

• No computer needed for data colle

XARTU™ Transfer Prover Bulletin

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