Vehicle Methane Detector

SENSIT® VMD is a vehicle mounted survey instrument used to detect natural gas leaks along underground pipelines.

SENSIT VMD increases the efficiency and accuracy of mobile methane leak surveys, using the latest in open path infrared absorption spectroscopy.

SENSIT® VMD Displays:
• Gas Concentrations
• System Status
• GPS Location
• Detection Alarms

VMD logs gas leak information and maps GPS coordinates.

• Methane Selective
• Simple user interface
• Instantaneous response time
• Waterproof tablet computer
• Data transmission via Bluetooth
• Integrates with PMD vacuum
• Adjustable Alarms
• No cables through vehicle firewall
• Lowest cost of ownership

Type Resolution Range Accuracy
PPM* 0.1 ppm 1.0-1,000 ppm / meter ±10% 2 ppm / meter
*Measurements conducted at 25 mph

Sensit VMD Brochure
Sensit-VMD Instruction Manual

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