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Sensit Track-It® IIIa

Trak-It® IIIa Combustible Gas Indicator

TRAK-IT® IIIa is the most durable and user friendly TRAK-IT available. The “T3a” can be configured for combustible gas readings in PPM, LEL and/or percent volume as well as a variety of toxic sensors and oxygen. The TRAK-IT IIIa is ideal for gas leak pin pointing and confined space applications.

Designed for Extreme Working Conditions
Displays Up To 4 Gases Simultaneously

• LEL (%Volume and PPM Optional)
• Oxygen
• Carbon Monoxide
• Hydrogen Sulfide

• Lowest Cost, Long Life Sensors
• LED Warning Lights
• Large Bright Graphic Display
• Loud Audible Alarm
• Optional 1600 Event Auto Log
• Exceptional Water Protection
• Long Battery Life
• Cost Effective As An Area Monitor
• Infrared Downloading
• Built-in Natural Gas and Propane Gas Calibration
• Stainless Steel Housing


PPM* 5ppm 0-2,000 ppm ±10%
LEL 0.1% up to 2% 0-100% LEL ±10%
% NAT GAS 0.1% 5.0-100% GAS ±5%
O2 0.1% 0-25% ±0.2% or 2%**
CO 1ppm 0-2000ppm ±5ppm or 5%**
H25 1ppm 0-100ppm ±2ppm or 5%**
HCN 1ppm 0-30ppm ±2ppm or 5%**
*PPM Optional **Whichever is greater

Sensit TraK-It IIIa Brochure

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