SENSUS Sentrypoint Bullhorn RM4160 - ECCO


SENSUS Sentrypoint Bullhorn RM4160

SENSUS Sentrypoint Bullhorn RM4160

Sensus and American Innovations teamed up to offer a device that measures rectifier AC and DC charges and transmits that data over the FlexNet® communication network. The Bullhorn RM4160 covers your impressed current-protected pipe sections, allowing you to configure high and low thresholds to alert you to out-of-range values. You can also use time-synchronized current interruption for PHMSA Instant-Off tests.


  • Installs quickly and discretely
  • Generates more timely, actionable intelligence
  • Improves operational efficiency
  • Cost effective solution
  • Rapid payback

• Sealed, waterproof polycarbonate or NEMA cover options
• Slim body attaches to rectifier enclosure
• Built-in surge protection and optional high-energy surge arrester
• Measures AC and DC voltage with one percent reading accuracy

• Internal mount dimensions (Polycarbonate enclosure) – 7.9”x 5.0” x 2.2”
• External mount dimensions (NEMA 4X compliant enclosure) – 4.0” x 7.3” x 12.4”

SENSUS Sentrypoint Bullhorn RM4160 Data Sheet

Sensus Gas Products Brochure

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