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SENSUS R100NA FlexNet Collector

The R100NA FlexNet® collector provides fill-in network coverage for groups of meters in hard-to-reach locations. The R100NA reduces the need for costly walk-by/drive-by end point reads in “blind spots,” or a complex mix of communication methods. One hundred percent AMI coverage is now more attainable and cost effective than ever.

Measuring 12 inches by 12 inches by 6 inches, this compact solution can be deployed in a wide variety of environments where space is at a premium. The R100NA integrates seamlessly with the Sensus FlexNet communication network and supports next generation features that enable secure, high performance communication directly with the RNI (Regional Network Interface). Firmware download, alarm monitoring, advanced encryption, ESM support and remote end point configuration make deployment and operation simple.

• Provide economical, 100 percent coverage: The R100NA collector provides a low-cost infill solution that provides direct backhaul coverage. You can reach every meter with minimal infrastructure while maintaining our high-performance point-to-multipoint architecture.
• Utilize a common operating system: The R100NA shares a common operating system with Sensus FlexNet base station products, ensuring simple, consistent configuration and management of all FlexNet components.
• Operate on licensed radio spectrum: In North America, Federal Communications Commission (FCC)/Industry Canada (IC) protected primary-use spectrum avoids competition with other wireless services and interference from other radio devices.
• Deploy a small footprint: A lightweight unit with flexible pole or wall-mounting options enables strategic deployment with a discreet appearance.
• Industry leading security: Sensus has achieved General Electric Co./Wurldtech™ Achilles® communications certification for critical infrastructure security against cyber threats.

• Network coverage for hard-to-reach meters
• Transmit and receive in a 200 kHz band of spectrum
• GPS receiver for time synchronization
• Integrated power supply/battery charger
• One hour battery backup
• Alarms and reporting capability
• Flexible backhaul via integrated cellular or Ethernet/IP
• Utility pole, wall and tower mount
• FCC-licensed, CFR 47, Part 15 certified
• Single-door NEMA 4 enclosure

• 900MHz PCS/MAS licensed spectrum
• Fully-duplexed operation with single transmit
• Three dedicated receive channels
• SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) compatibility for alarm and status reporting
• Applications: two-way advanced meter infrastructure, distribution automation, demand response, home area network and Sensus VantagePoint™ Lighting Control

FlexNet R100NA Collector Indoor Data Sheet
FlexNet R100NA Collector Data Sheet

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