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Sensus Auto-Adjust® II Turbo Meters

Sensus Auto-Adjust® II Turbo Meters

The Most Advanced Gas Turbine Meter Technology Ever Produced

Deliver unparalleled high volume gas measurement with the Auto-Adjust® II turbo meter (AAT). It features dual sensing rotors and patented algorithms that work in partnership to detect and adjust for changes in gas flow conditions, such as jetting, pulsation and swirl. They can also adjust for drag caused by component wear or contamination. In fact, Auto-Adjust II meter accuracy is +/- 1.0% over the entire operating range of the gas turbine meter.

Using the same top-entry design of our Mark II turbo meters, the measuring module of the AAT can be changed, recalibrated or upgraded without removing the meter body from the line. This helps prevent costly downtime and lost revenue. The AAT meter has unique self-checking features. So you can provide constant accuracy monitoring and in-line field diagnostics—a good way to save significant maintenance dollars.

Worn modules can be returned to our manufacturing facility for refurbishment. There, the units are cleaned and rebuilt using original equipment parts. They are fully tested and warranted to ensure reliable operation.

No other gas turbine meter technology offers the self-checking accuracy, convenient maintenance and continuous measurement certainty as the Auto-Adjust II.


  • Alerts users to unstable upstream conditions and unacceptable installations
  • Allows for remote monitoring of measurement system accuracy
  • Allows for remote totalization of adjusted and corrected volumes
  • Reduces the number of maintenance and testing site visits

• Dual turbine technology
• Removable measuring module
• Accuracy savings
• Maintenance savings
• Auto-adjusting design
• Self-checking and self-adjusting algorithm
• Easy upgrades and customization


Models and Sizes:

  • AAT-18: 4” (G250/DN100)
  • AAT-27: 4” (G400/DN100)
  • AAT-35: 6” (G650/DN150)
  • AAT-57: 6” (G1000/DN150)
  • AAT-60: 8” (G1000/DN200)
  • AAT-90: 8” (G1600/DN200)
  • AAT-140: 12” (G2500/DN300)
  • AAT-230: 12” (G4000/DN300)

Auto Adjust II Turbo Meters Data Sheet

Sensus Gas Products Brochure


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