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Sensus 461-X57

Depend on These Workhorses for High Performance and Fast Response. Our Model 461-57S and Model 441-57S medium pressure regulators are spring-operated regulators that incorporate a “roll-out” diaphragm, similar to the performance found in pilot-operated regulators.

Sensus 461-X57 High Pressure Regulator

Our Model 461-X57 and Model 441-X57 regulators are unique high-pressure, large-capacity, spring-operated regulators. These high-pressure regulators incorporate the same “roll-out” diaphragm principal that is so successful in our widely used 461-57S and 441-57S medium-pressure regulator models.

Both regulators offer pilot-type performance with spring-operated regulator simplicity. The action of the roll-out diaphragm makes the regulators’ exceptional performance possible by reducing “droop” (the fall off in outlet pressure as a spring regulator opens to increase flow) to a minimum.

With fast response and ease of installing, adjusting and servicing, models 461-X57 and 441-X57 are perfect for most high-pressure, large-capacity applications. This includes: high-pressure regulator sets, gas distribution systems, town border stations, transmission systems and most industrial applications.

Model 461-X57 and Model 441-X57 regulators can also be used as monitors and quickly assume control if a failure in the operating regulator allows the outlet pressure to exceed its set point. No modifications are required for use as a monitor, even if used as a monitor for other types of regulators.


  • Installs and services easily
  • Provides high performance for a spring-operated register
  • Allows for use as a monitor, assuming control in a failure


  • Simple design
  • Dependable regulation
  • Trouble-free operation
  • Fast response
  • No pilot maintenance
  • Ball-check diaphragm sentry for safety
  • Heavy-duty construction


Sensus 461-X57 Installation Instructions


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