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Sensus 415

Sensus 415 Diaphragm Meter

The 415 is a Class 400 residential, commercial and industrial diaphragm meter that combines the latest design concepts and modern engineering materials. Lighter weight and easy to handle, the 415 is more durable, requires less maintenance and offers greater life expectancy than previous meters in this class.

The temperature compensation element has increased strength to minimize deflection from valve drag. A simplified crank bracket provides accurate positioning of the crank support, and its low-friction polymer material eliminates the need for lubrication. Close tolerances and molded phenolic construction of the valve seat provide smoother operation and minimize wear. It accommodates external valve guides, which are easily installed in this meter. Our revolutionary, patented accuWAVE diaphragm meter is now standard on the 415 meter. This design has a longer life expectancy, improved long-term performance—even in extreme conditions—exceptional proof stability and a lower overall lifetime cost.

• Lowers total cost of ownership
• Reduces repair time and cost
• Increases efficiency
• Extends life span

• accuWAVE diaphragm
• Operating temperature range: -30o F to 150o F
• Larger volume


Capacity (ft³/h):
• Natural gas, 415
• Butane, 225
• Propane, 260
• Air, 320

MAOP: 10-25 psi

Weight: 21 lbs.

• 20, 30, 45 Lt.
• 1 ¼, 1A, #2 & #3 Spg.

Revolutions: 6.5 ft³

R-275 R-315 R-415 Data Sheet

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