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Sensus 250-S, 250-DW, 257-S

Sensus 250-S, 250-DW, 257-S

Our Safety Relief valves offer an economical installation for large capacity relief applications. And that’s exactly the solution you need when other devices in the system don’t relieve dangerous overpressure in the transmission, distribution and use of gas. Leaking bypass valves can sometimes permit pressure to build during off-peak hours. Pressure regulators with damaged valves or seats are not able to effectively shut off when required, possibly leading to dangerous conditions.

Our mechanical safety relief valves are an economical solution with large relieving capacity. The Model 257-S features a “roll-out” diaphragm with a double-ported single valve in which diaphragm action is constantly matched with spring action. This design offers large capacity, tight seating and reseating, sturdy construction and easy servicing with no adjustments needed.

The Model 250-S and 250-DW valves incorporate a deep molded diaphragm and offer an angled body with a large exit area for a high flow rate.

• Increases safety
• Installs easily
• Applies to gas distribution systems, metering sets and C&I

• Performs on natural gas, LP gas, nitrogen, dry CO2 and air
• Weatherproof
• Watertight

Form Factors:
• 257-S
• 250-DW
• 250-S

Safety Release Valves Data Sheet
Models 250-S and 250-DW Relief Valve Installation Instructions
Model 257S Relief Valve Installation Instructions

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