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Sensus 243-RPC

Sensus Model 243-RPC regulators are based on our rugged Model 243 regulator with a smaller, secondary control regulator that senses regulated pressure and then operates the main valve to control the overall flow of gas. They offer exceptionally precise regulation and are accurate to within ± 0.5% (absolute outlet pressure) from minimum to wide-open flow.

The 243-RPC pilot-operated regulator is designed for fixed factoring, pressure factor measurement, pressure compensated metering and other applications requiring exceptionally precise pressure control. Although these regulators are used mainly for natural gas service, they perform equally well with LP gas, nitrogen, air, dry CO2 and other inert gases.
Benefits to you
• Provides accurate pressure control
• Protects against overpressurization
• Provides enhanced response speed
• Available with internal relief valve, low-pressure cut-off
• Accuracy within ± 0.5% (absolute outlet pressure) from minimum to wide-open flow
• Performs on natural gas, LP gas, nitrogen, dry CO2 and air
• 243-RPC
• 243-RPC-A
• 243-RPC-B

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