Combustible Gas Leak Detector

SENSIT® HXG-3 is an advanced, portable combustible gas leak detector capable of detecting and monitoring combustible gases such as natural gas, methane, and propane.

SENSIT® HXG-3 backlit LCD display shows percent lower explosive limit (LEL) and part-per million (ppm) readings simultaneously for accurate gas leak detection and gas analysis. Audible and visual alarms warn of potential hazardous conditions.

Find gas leaks fast!

Gas leaks can easily be pinpointed by using an audible tick rate. The sensor is located at the end of a flexible gooseneck to easily reach areas where leaks may be suspected.

Data Save

A Data Save feature allows you to save data during any gas leak investigation.

Certifications: UL

• Displays LEL and PPM
• Long-life, Low-Cost Sensor
• Adjustable Tick-Dial Leak Detection
• Simple Calibration
• Backlit Display
• Infrared Data Downloading
• Intrinsically Safe Design

• Detect and Locate Small Gas Leaks
• Area Monitoring
• Gas Leak Surveying
• Chemical Detection
• Gas Line Purging
• Arson / Accelerant Detection

SENSIT® HXG-3 Bulletin
SENSIT® HVG-3 Instruction Manual

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