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Romet Hub Configuration

Hub Configuration

The Romet RM meter is a tried-and-true classic design. This all-aluminum cast meter has stood the test of time, providing users with reliable and accurate measurement for custody transfer. The RM meter provides multiple configuration options: Flange (ANSI and DIN), Nipple (NPT), and Hub (30Lt to 100Lt).

The Hub Configuration is designed to fit any application where an eleven inch (11″) centre-to-centre hub connection meter would be utilized (800/1000 class diaphragm, ultrasonic, enclosed rotary cartridge).

  • 11″ center-to-center hub connection is available for specific meter sizes:
    • RM600, RM1000, RM1500 (imperial)
    • RM16, RM30, RM40 (Soft Metric)
  • The Hub Configuration provides integrated AdEM® Electronics
    • Serial communications
      • 4 available pulse outputs
  • Full audit trail data log
    • BrightLync® compatibility
  • Built-in debris sump
  • Inlet and outlet pressure plugs


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