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Romet BrightLync Advanced Communications Platform (ACP)

Romet BrightLync Advanced Communications Platform is a secure data transmission solution requiring minimal up-front investment.

Introducing our new BrightLync Advanced Communications Platform (ACP), this secure, cloud-based platform provides a complete end-to-end intelligent, secure data transmission solution that integrates with our Advanced Electronics and intelligent devices.

BrightLync is a cost-effective, premium solution providing users a complete end-to-end solution for real-time data collection, transmission, and organization/visualization, without the need for costly infrastructure.


• Remotely monitor and access real-time data for gas usage, asset curation, asset health and location tracking
• Provides a wealth of real-time data and statistics beyond basic measurements
• Helps to solve problems before they happen
• Remote hourly data collection, real-time alarm transmission, and automatic daily data transfer to the cloud
• Secure by design—implementation of NIST SP 800–53 recommended by DHS

Benefits (Utiliuty):
• Integrating into existing infrastructure and network minimizes up-front investment
– Resource auto scaling—eliminate the need for future hardware investment as the network grows
• Accurate monitoring of usage data improves safety—saving time, money, and provides data to improve commitment to environmental responsibilities
• Real-time monitoring of asset configuration and health data will better optimize deployment of resources and field personnel for repairs and maintenance
• Optimize ToD pricing through remotely monitoring hourly consumption data

The BrightLync™ solution delivers a unique and industry-leading solution including:
• Utilizes existing secure telecom and cloud infrastructure, requiring a minimal invest
ment to set up the network
• BrightLync provides multiple channels/fields of real data

• “Set it and forget it”, Romet offers a base communication fee per device with the pric
ing model based on the customer needs ether UPFRONT or over time (expensed).
• Data capacity and backups are perpetually scalable compared to costly utility servers

Integrating AdEM®

BrightLync is designed to integrate and optimize our Advanced Electronic Module (AdEM) series of measurement devices. This combination of technologies provides solutions with configurations for live gas compensation, data logging, pulse outputs and serial communication.

The AdEM is compact, rugged, service-free, tamper-proof and weather resistant with a high level of accuracy and customization. With a nominal battery life of 15–20 years, the AdEM and a modem with a battery life designed to match, this duo makes an ideal upgrade to any system requiring instrumentation


Romet BrightLync Advanced Communications Platform (ACP) Product Brochure

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