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PF PVS 803 Slam Shut

PF PVS 803 Slam Shut

PVS type slam shut valves are pilot-operated relief valves in which the opening and the closing of the main plug is controlled by a pilot device which is very sensitive to the variations of the in-line pressures.

The main features of such type of slam shut valve are the following:
• Very high accuracy and rapidity of intervention (only 2% pressure);
• Perfect seal up to pressures very close to the setpoint (contrary to what happens for the spring valves, the force on the plug in this slam shut valve increases when approaching the setpoint);
• High outflow rate;
• Reduced dimensions;

Field of Application:
• Non-corrosive fluids: (air, oxygen, nitrogen, helium, hydrogen, methane, propane, butane, etc.)
• Intervention range : 1.5÷ 74 bar
• DN 50 (2”); 80 (3”); 100 (4”); 150 (6”)
• Flanging: Class 150, 300, 600 (EN1759-1), PN16, PN 50, PN 100 (ISO 7005-1)


PF PVS 803 Slam Shut Installation Manual

PF PVS 803 Slam Shut Bulletin

PF PVS 803 Slam Shut Poster


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