Portable Methane Detector

SENSIT® PMD is a small, lightweight, battery operated instrument used to survey, pinpoint and grade natural gas leaks wherever they occur and is among the best performing and lowest cost optical instruments that can be used for both walking and vehicle applications.

SENSIT® PMD allows users to perform methane gas leak surveys fast, accurately and at the lowest cost of operation, using the latest filtered infrared spectroscopy technology.

• Methane selective. PMD filters out other gases in PPM range.
• Powerful pump provides fast methane detection.
• High sensitivity of 1 PPM detects methane leaks faster.
• Detection range of 0-100% volume for faster natural gas leak classification.
• Walking or vehicle operation allows for greater user survey flexibility.
• Designed to be Intrinsically safe. PMD can be used indoors or outdoors.
• Simple calibration compliance using Smart-Cal.
• GPS capable for measurement mapping (optional feature)

• Large Backlit Display
• Simple 3-Button Operation
• Powerful Pump
• Infrared Communication
• Data Logging with Event Capture
• Tick-Style Leak Detection
• Adjustable Alarms
• Lithium-ion Rechargeable Battery
• Bar Hole Test
• Smart-Cal Compatible

• Type Resolution Range Accuracy
• LEL 0.1% 0-100% LEL ±10%
• PPM* 1 ppm 0-5,000 ppm ±10%
• % Vol 0.1% 5-100% ±10%

*PPM Optional

Sensit PMD Brochure
Sensit PMD Instruction Manual

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