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PF Zero Governor F3Z

Pietro Fiorentini Zero Governor F3Z

Pietro Fiorentini’s ZERO Governor F3Z series, are designed to comply with the ANSI Z21.8 standard.

The F3Z family of regulators are ideal for all burner installations, nozzle mixers, mixing tees, and proportional
pre-mixers. Their function is to regulate the pressure and to maintain constant the air/gas ratio.
The materials and soft parts used in the construction of the ZERO Governor regulators make them suitable for use with natural gas, LPG, city gas and all other non corrosive gases.

All the F3Z regulators are equipped with balanced device design for high outlet pressure accuracy regardless of any inlet pressure variation. The double diaphragm provides added security in case of primary diaphragm failure.

Main Features:
• Air/gas ratio: 1:1
• Design pressure : 14.5 PSIG
• Max inlet pressure : 7.25 PSIG
• Outlet pressure : 0.2 – 60.2″ W.C.
• Air pressure control : .2 – 60.2″ W.C.
• Minimum ΔP between Pu and Pd : 8″ W.C.
• Ambient Temperature range :14°F – 140°F
• Filter : Yes (OPTIONAL)
• Air connection : 1/4″ NPT
• Connections:1/2”- 3/4”- 1” – 1”1/4 – 1”1/2 – 2” NPT 2 1/2″-3″-4″ ANSI 150RF

PF Zero Governor Brochure

PF Zero Governor F3Z

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