PF Staflux MINI

Staflux MINI
Direct-Acting Gas Pressure Regulators

The STAFLUX Mini is a direct action device for high pressure, controlled by a diaphragm and contrasting regulated counter pressure action.

This regulator is also suitable for using with previously filtered, non corrosive gases. It is a truly “top entry design” which allows an easy maintenance of parts directly on the field.

Set point adjustement of the regulator is operated via a three way – two valve unit used to load and unload the pressure on the top of the chamber.
A small capacity relief valve prevents to set pressure at values beyond limits and, at the same time, protects the pressurised chamber from overpressure subsequent to high ambient temperatures.

Pressure in the top chamber is creating the counter action similar to the one of a spring in more conventional regulators.

Technical data
• Available size DN
• Design temperature
• Flanging
• Threaded connections
• Dimensions
• Inlet pressure

•  1″
•  -15°C to 60°C
• ANSI 1500 RF
• 265 x 126 mm (without flanges)
• 250 bar

1225_StafluxMini_CT_E_Oct 2015_lr
1154_Staflux Mini Sett 14 rev a

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