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PF Reflux 819

Pietro Fiorenetini Reflux 819
Pilot-Operated Gas Pressure Regulators

REFLUX 819 is a pilot controlled pressure regulator for medium and high pressure applications.
It is particularly suitable for use for the controlling natural gas, for power plants, transmission, distribution, as well as for industrial use.
The Reflux regulators high outlet pressure accuracy of the regulated pressure, the 1,000 to 1 high turndown ratio, and balanced vale design allows fast adaptation to changes in the operating conditions. Even with the presence of abrupt changes in the flow rate, makes the REFLUX 819 particularly suitable for installations for Gas turbine electric power generation stations Gas Turbine applications.
The Reflux 819 regulator, is classified as a regulator designed with the valve in the normally closed position (Fail to Close).
It is truly a TOP ENTRY design, which confers to the regulator management advantages, for example the ability to perform full maintenance without removing the body from the piping.

Functional Features:

• Maximum inlet pressure: Up to 1,479 PSIG
• Range of downstream pressure: from 4.35 PSIG to 1,073 PSIG depending on installed pilot
• Minimum differential pressure: 7.25 PSIG
• Minimum ambient temperature: Used up to – 40°F
• Maximum ambient temperature: 140°F
• Inlet gas temperature: Must be -4°F – 140°F
• Accuracy class AC: Up to 1%
• Lock-up pressure class SG: Up to 2.5%

Design Features:
• Nominal dimensions DN: 1” ; 2”; 3” ; 4” ; 6” ; 8” ; 10” ; 12”
• Flanged connections: Class 150-300-600 RF or RTJ, according to ANSI B16.5 and PN 16/40 according to UNI 2282 or DIN 2263, (ISO 7005).

• Body: Cast steel ASTM A 352 LCC for classes ANSI 600 and 300; Cast steel ASTM A 216 WCB for classes Ansi 150 and PN 16/40.
• Head covers: ASTM A 350 LF2 forged steel
• Stem: AISI 416 stainless steel
• Plug: ASTM A 350 LF2 Nikel coated on sealing surface
• Seat: Nitril Rubber Vulcanized on a metal support
• Diaphragm: Rubberized canvas (performed by hot-pressing process).
• Sealing ring: Nitril rubber
• Connection fittings: In zinc-plated carbon steel according to DIN 2353; Stainless steel on request.

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PF Reflux 819

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