PF Dival 160 AP - ECCO


PF Dival 160 AP

PF Dival 160 AP Direct-Acting Gas Pressure Regulators

Single-stage pressure-reducing Valves T y p e DIVAL 160AP.
For industrial and chemical engineering applications.
Suitable for natural gas and all non-corrosive gaseous media.

Technical data
• Accuracy class: up to 5
• Available size DN: 1″
• Closing pressure class SG: up to 10
• Design pressure: 85 bar
• Design temperature: -10°C to 60°C
• Flanging: class 300-600 RF according to ANSI B16.5
• Outlet pressure range of Wd: 0,85 to 4,5
• Range of inlet pressure bpu: 1,4 to 85 bar


Dival 160 Ap Technical Manual

Dival Poster

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