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EAGLE XARTU1 Volume Corrector

Volume Corrector


The XARTU/1-LDVI™ Volume Corrector is the core product in the volume corrector line. This unit runs on the proven XARTU/1™ SBC61 circuit board, heart of all products in the Eagle XA/1 series. The VC-LDVI includes an internal pressure transducer, an internal RTD (resistance temperature detector), external display and 2400 bps modem in the standard product offering. An optional Low Drag Vertical Index (LDVI™) provides the user with a low cost mechanical backup to the electronic device.

The VC-LDVI contains a full complement of standard Eagle Research processes, including AGA 7 and AGA 8 (Detail and Gross Method I & II) computational functionality. Additional features include complete communications functionality with popular analyzers for energy monitoring requirements. The VC-LDVI is a fully functional flow computer capable of Alarm Call-out, Control and a variety of other process related activities.

Although the VC-LDVI includes a 2400 bps modem as standard, the unit can be interfaced to a wide variety of other communications devices such as Radio, Cellular, and Satellite modems. Clockwise and counterclockwise meter rotations are handled by a simple reversal of the index in the housing.

• Low Drag Vertical Index (LDVI)
• Single and Bi-Directional Versions Available
• AGA 7, AGA 8 (Detail & Gross Method I & II), & NX-19
• Digital Outputs for Corrected/Uncorrected Volumes
• Configurable for Forward, Reverse and Net Volumes
• Multi-Run Configurations Available Using a Transducer Interface or XDI

XARTU Volume Corrector Data Sheet

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