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EAGLE XARTU1 Cathodic Protection

Cathodic Protection

The XARTU/1-CP™ is designed to provide pipeline operators with a complete range of functions for remote monitoring, data acquisition, and control of cathodic protection systems used on buried steel pipelines

  • Embedded Sensus Auto-Adjust™ Algorithms certified by Sensus™
  • Live GC inputs
  • AGA 5, AGA 7, AGA 8 Detailed and Gross Methods I & II, & NX-19 Calculation When Required
  • Optional live 4-20mA or Frequency Output for Instantaneous Flow Rate • Configurable via RS232 for Modbus Communication
  • Optional RS485 with Expansion Board
  • Optional Wireless Communications (Cellular/Radio/Satellite)
  • Live Graphing of Main/Sense Frequencies in Field

Universal Mounting and Software Setup benefits:

  • Field installation directly on the Meter
  • Lightweight, easily installed by one person
  • Software configurable for different meter output revolutions, i.e. 10 ft./rev, 100 ft./rev, etc.
  • Magnetic switch activated display
  • The XA Series AAT Corrector is used with the Sensus Auto Adjust Turbine meter to provide a more cost-effective solution for your high volume, high valued measurement needs.
  • The XA Series AAT Monitor and Corrector offers numerous options for every customer need.
  • The AAT Monitor provides Frequency Outputs for Adjusted Uncorrected Flow.
  • The AAT Corrector can provide true live flow rates with optional analog outputs, not incremental updates.
  • The XA Series AAT Corrector also has the ability to duplicate the Main and Sense slot sensor outputs with optional IPS Boards (p/n 9010418). These replica pulses can be sent to a 3rd party RTU.
  • The XA Series AAT Corrector can also provide live Graphing of Delta A, adjusted uncorrected flow rate, main rotor frequency, and sense rotor frequency when used with Field Manager™ software.
  • Easily add AAT factors without knowing specific codes.
  • Easily add Km, Ks, Kmo, and A_Bar factors on easy to read edit form.
  • Unit has ability to simulate main and sense frequencies through software without additional equipment.
  • Can get adjusted corrected volume but unit also calculates mechanical corrected volume as a backup in case Main Frequency (Slot Sensor) is lost.


XARTU CP Data Sheet

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