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Eagle MPplus™ Pressure Recorder

Eagle MPplus™ Pressure Recorder

The MPplus™ Pressure Recorder is an excellent choice for replacing paper charts at regulator stations throughout your entire system. Historical archiving and trending using any of Eagle Research’s sotiware packages allows easy graphical viewing of pressure fluctuations at regulator stations or load analysis of the system used by engineering departments. The MPplus™ Pressure Recorder, along with the MPplus Volume Corrector, provide customers with a low-cost recording solution.

• Electronic Recording Solution
• Historical Archiving and Trending
• Easy Graphical Viewing of Pressure Fluctuations at Regulator Stations
• Load Analysis of the System Used by Engineering Departments


Input Power:

  • 5-15 VDC
  • Two battery inputs with MTA connectors
  • One power supply/rechargeable battery input with screw terminals
  • One solar power input (1 Watt maximum) with screw terminals

Standard Power: 1 Watt Solar Panel (Door or Remote Mount options) with 1.2 Ah Rechargeable Battery

Power Monitoring: Supply voltage monitoring with low supply alarming

Ease of Installation:

  • Complete station re-piping is not required
  • Tubes fit directly to the existing manifold
  • New installations can bolt directly to a five valve manifold

Economical: keeping records electronically means lower total cost of ownership versus traditional charts

On Board Backup Battery: 3.6 VDC lithium backup battery of database, history, audit trail, time/date, and RAM memory

Memory: Store up to 32,000 Time Stamped Records with programmable Flash and battery-backed RAM data memory


Eagle MPplus Pressure Recorder Bulletin

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