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3M Dynatel 7573-ID

3M™ Dynatel™ 7573-ID/U3 Pipe/Cable/Fault/EMS Locator Utility 4.5″ Coupler 3W, 1/Case
• Locate and follow the path of 3M EMS Caution Tape
• Six active trace frequencies which can be used individually or simultaneously to providing a solution for virtually all challenging applications encountered in the field. The receiver incorporates passive power and auxiliary frequencies that do not require the use of the transmitter.
• Trace view mapping interface that provides an intuitive mapping display showing the utility path combined with a precision peak antenna based antenna array to provide the utmost confidence in utility location.
• Five modes of operation – trace view, directional peak, directional null, special peak and induction peak – for accurate locates, even in congested areas.
• Directional mode utilizes all-peak antenna design for improved left/right guidance and accurate locates in challenging conditions.
• Locate, write and read information into the 3M™ iD Electronic Marker System.
• Compatibility with select GPS/GIS field mapping instruments for real time mapping of electronic markers or pipe and cable facilities

Designed to be more accurate, faster and more integrated than most locators on the market, the 3M™ Dynatel™ Locators 7500 Series represent an advancement in locating and fault finding technology for the field professional. Offering a broad feature set with advanced digital processing, the 7500 Series locators combine simple interfaces with precision locating capabilities.

Features include:
• Six active frequencies for direct connect
• Trace view mapping display mode
• Four induction frequencies
• All frequency mode in direct connect (four simultaneously)
• EMS iD and EMS Tape capability on all models
• Push button depth to all 3M underground electronic markers

As with other locator models, the 3M™ Dynatel™ Locator 7573 performs all functions of the 7550 locator plus the ability to find underground faults.

Suggested Applications

Locating the path of EMS Caution Tape
Read, Write and Locate Markers
Gas Industry
Power Industry
Fault Finding

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