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3M Dynatel 1420 ID

3M™ Dynatel™ 1420 ID Locator, No Battery, 1/Case

•  Locates 2 different marker frequencies simultaneously
•  Reads, writes and locates iD markers
• Estimates exact location of underground markers
• Large, backlit, high-resolution graphic display

• Detects industry-standard electronic marker frequencies
• Withstands a wide temperature range of -4 to 122 °F (-20 to 50 °C)
• Compatible with all 3M™ markers (telephone, gas, communication, power, water, wastewater and general purpose)
• GPS communication capability

3M™ Dynatel™ 1420 Marker Locator estimates exact location of underground markers. This locator reads, writes and locates iD markers. It locates 2 different marker frequencies simultaneously. The lightweight, easy to use construction of this locator offers excellent balance and ergonomics. It features a large backlit, high resolution graphic display to show the location of the markers.

3M™ Dynatel™ 1420 Marker Locator is capable of locating all models of passive markers that are properly installed. It detects industry standard electronic marker frequencies. This locator has simplified integrated interfaces with precision locating capabilities. A GPS communication system is incorporated into this locator to provide GIS mapping of electronic markers. The locator operates at a temperature of 4 to 122 °F ( 20 to 50 °C).

EMD Locating Marking Data Sheet
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