3M Disk Marker 1415-XR

3M Disk Marker 1415-XR, 5 ft Range, Gas, Not for Direct Bury, 210/Case


Locates flush-mounted facilities which have become covered by backfill
Offers easy marking of buried lines
Passive antenna encased in orange water-resistant polyethylene shell
Withstands a temperature range of -4 to 122 °F (-20 to 50 °C)
Works without any external power source
Works without any external power source

3M™ Extended Range 5′ Disk Markers are not for direct buried applications and provide an easy, accurate method of locating flush mounted facilities which become covered by backfill or other obstructions, such as snow or vegetation.

The 3M™ Disk Marker provides an easy and accurate method of precisely locating flush mounted facilities, which become covered by backfill. The four inch disk marker is easily fastened to the underside of non metallic lids or covers over flush mounted facilities, such as hand holes, manholes and other grade level enclosures during construction and maintenance. Disk Markers are not intended for direct burial.

Suggested Applications
•  Gas Industry

Gas Facilities Marking Recommendations
Disk Marker Brochure

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