Combustible Gas Leak Detector

SENSIT® GOLD G2 is a combustible gas indicator (CGI) used for gas leak surveys, investigations, gas leak pinpointing, gas pipeline purging and confined space applications.

Displays Up To 4 Gases
• LEL (%Volume and PPM Optional)
• Oxygen
• Carbon Monoxide
• Hydrogen Sulfide
• Hydrogen Cyanide (Optional)

Selectable Gas Type
• Methane (Natural Gas)
• Propane

Certifications: ATEX, UL

SENSIT® GOLD G2 is the most user-friendly and versatile gas leak detector available today!

Audible tick rate helps find gas leaks fast!

Compatible with SMART-CAL 360 Calibration Station

• Bright Graphic Display Digital “Tick” Control
• LED Warning Lights Lowest Cost, Long Life Sensors
• Loud Audible Alarm Data Logging and Internal Memory
• Internal Pump – Fast Sampling Exceptional Water Protection

• Type Resolution Range Accuracy
• LEL 0.1% up to 2.0% 0-100% LEL ±10%
• PPM* 1 ppm or 10 ppm 0-10,000 ppm ±10%
• % Natural Gas 0.1% 5-100% Gas ±5%
• % Propane 0.1% 2.2-100% Gas ±5%
• Oxygen 0.1% 0-25% ±0.2% or 10%**
• Carbon Monoxide 1 ppm 0-2,000 ppm ±5 ppm or 5%**
• Hydrogen Sulfide 1 ppm 0-100 ppm ±2 ppm or 5%**
• Hydrogen Cyanide 1 ppm 0-30 ppm ±1 ppm or 5%**

*PPM Optional (Ranges) 0-2,000 ppm 0-5,000 ppm 0-10,000 ppm
**Whichever is greater

SENSIT® Gold G2 Brochure
SENSIT® Gold G2 Instruction Manual

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