EAGLE RESEARCH CORPORATION® MPplus II Series™ Volume Corrector

The MPplus II MVC Volume Corrector combines an ultra-low power processor and high accuracy digital transducer together make it the most accurate corrector produced by EAGLE RESEARCH CORPORATION®.

The MPplus II MVC is the perfect solution for natural gas distribution companies who are looking for a compact, robust, and user-friendly corrector to accommodate their measurement needs. The MVC starts with EAGLES’s all-new Ultra-Low Power processor contained in a lightweight, outdoor rated polycarbonate enclosure with a lockable, quick release latch. The MVC has a large easy to read LCD with flashing alarm indicator and magnetic scroll switch included. An optional scroll pad for navigating parameters and alarm acknowledgement is also available. The design of the Composite Vertical Index (CVI) allows for an easy selection of either CW or CCW meter rotations. The CVI is also available in bi-directional versions for forward and reverse flowing conditions.


  • Positive Displacement Meters
  • Custody Transfer Integrity
  • Commercial & Industrial Metering
  • AMR/AMI Compatibility
  • Volume/Pulse Accumulator Versions
  • Ultrasonic Metering
  • Commercial and Industrial Metering

EAGLE MPplusII Series™  Volume Corrector Bulletin

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