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MaCS is a specialized division within ECCO that focuses on developing and delivering Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) and Advanced Meter Reading (AMR) solutions to utility companies.

With a strong foundation in the utility industry, our MaCS team brings a wealth of expertise to address the unique challenges faced by utility providers. We can help utilities analyze, select, and implement a smarter distribution system for electric, gas, and water metering.


Our experienced team provides technology that captures data throughout your distribution system, a network that transfers the data reliably, and software that makes your data actionable giving you total control of operations.


  • Start Smart – choose the right communication network and save thousands of dollars
  • Integrate with Reliable Data – advanced analytics allows you to collect and analyze your data
  • Streamline operations and enhance customer service

MaCS focuses on a customer-centric approach which drives us to work closely with utility companies to understand their specific needs and requirements. Leveraging our industry knowledge and technical capabilities, we design and implement customized AMI/AMR solutions that align with each utility’s goals. Our mission is to help utilities improve efficiency, achieve sustainability objectives, and provide their customers unmatched service.

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We work with manufacturers who design innovative products and solutions that grow with your needs.

We foster partnerships by understanding your unique challenges and delivering solutions and technologies that help you produce smarter distribution systems.

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Hemos reunido un equipo altamente receptivo para cumplir con sus expectativas de manera oportuna.

Nuestras soluciones de mercado

Our comprehensive AMI/AMR solutions encompases a range of advanced technologies, including smart meters, communication networks, data management systems, and analytics tools. These solutions enable utilities to optimize their operations, enhance resource management, and deliver superior services to their customers.

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Advanced Metering Infastructure (AMI)

We can help you build a large-scale, multi-application network or simply help add new devices. Our AMI experts can assess your current needs and offer solutions that will grow with you. Everyday our proven, real-world solutions allow utilities and municipalities greater operational and financial control over their system, which in turn helps their customers.

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Advanced Meter Reading (AMR)

Reduce costs, calls, and foot traffic with AMR. Our AMR solutions let you automatically
collect consumption, diagnostic, and status data from your water, electric, and gas devices and
then transfer that data to a central database for billing and analysis.

Manual meter readers handle a flood of data every day and entering that data manually can
increase the chance for human error. Making sure your data is accurate, on time, and analyzed is
key to increasing cash flow, not to mention customer satisfaction.

We design smart distribution systems that provide remotely managed products and solutions
delivering the right data at the right time for investor-owned utilities, cooperatives, and

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