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Hydrogen Solutions

Technology-forward, cleaner energy.
We have hydrogen solutions to meet the global demand shift toward a green energy revolution.

The latest equipment for hydrogen technology.

Hydrogen emerges as a key player in the shift toward cleaner energy, forming an essential part of a diverse energy portfolio that includes clean sources. Manufacturers working with ECCO are pioneering solutions that not only embrace new production methods but also make use of the existing gas infrastructure for hydrogen’s transport and distribution.

As interest in hydrogen energy solutions increases, ECCO, together with its partner Pietro Fiorentini (PF), is keenly focused on addressing the specific needs of industries looking to transition to greener energy sources. By supplying products designed to work with hydrogen technologies, ECCO actively supports the transition to more sustainable energy practices for the natural gas industtry. Pietro Fiorentini (PF) enhances this mission by delivering cutting-edge technology for natural gas regulation and ensuring their products are ready for hydrogen use, thus playing a crucial role in this energy shift.

Our Sustainability Promise

Usando métodos socialmente responsables, estamos conscientemente comprometidos a minimizar los impactos ambientales de nuestro negocio, involucrando a nuestros empleados y comunidades, y respetando los estándares éticos y la diversidad.
Nuestro compromiso

Soporte de soluciones técnicas

We have strategically-located support staff nation-wide to help you find the right solution for your application.

Safety + Efficiency

We work with manufacturers who design products that promote greater efficiency and safety to lessen the carbon footprint.

Productos ambientalmente sostenibles

Trabajamos con fabricantes que constantemente diseñan productos para reducir la huella de carbono.


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