ETTER ENGB Gas Booster

ETTER Natural Gas Booster resolves undersized piping systems that result from a plant or building’s growth over time with a gas booster.

Hermetically sealed UL-Listed Natural Gas Boosters

ETTER Engineering has been providing process heating and combustion solutions since 1940. Our vast experience in the 20th century led us to develop the ETTER Natural Gas Booster (ENGB) – a UL-Listed, hermetically-sealed gas booster designed for the 21st century, with the flexibility to fit whatever specifications your application calls for.

ETTER manufactures a complete line of packaged gas booster systems – true “Plug and Play”™ designs that arrive at your job site ready to begin work.

ETTER also offers FM-approved check valves and a variety of accessories and services to ensure your gas booster installation is as quick, easy, and cost-effective as possible

• Custom Outlet Positioning
Being limited to a 4 or 6 outlet position is a thing of the past. Discharge can be rotated incrementally on-site to achieve a fully custom outlet position using standard hand tools.

• External Motor Wiring
Wrong Voltage? No big deal – you change it in the field. Externally accessible wiring  for 120V single phase or 208, 230/460V three phase Class 1 DIV 1 Group D explosion-proof motors with thermal overload protection. bi

Voltage changes can now be made in the field without jeopardizing the tanks hermetic seal, eliminating the need to send the booster back to the factory.

• Cool Flow Technology
CFT means higher turn down capabilities and longer, more reliable motor life. Cool Flow Technology™ maximizes the cooling effects of the gas stream by providing a 360º flow of natural gas focused directly on the motor.

• Sliding Service Sled
Any required maintenance is now a quick, easy one man job. the ENGB tank housing features a sliding service stand, with both the motor and impeller being accessed by removing the end plate bolts and gliding the tank housing in the opposite direction while it remains supported by the integral stand

The ETTER Packaged Booster offers plug and play systems making on-site installation quick and easy.

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