WELKER Wick Style Odorizers

Welker FTO Effortless Odorization

Safely and effectively odorize individual low flow natural gas lines with Welker’s wick style odorizer.

Odorized Gas on Tap
The FTO doesn’t have the bells and whistles of an odorization system, but it doesn’t need to. Install the FTO directly to the gas line to allow the liquid odorant to vaporize in the natural gas stream. Manually control wick saturation and make necessary seasonal adjustments using the gate valve. The odorant supply tank comes in three volumes suitable for odorizing single dwellings: 0.8, 1, and 5 gallons.

FTO Farm Tap Odorizer

Materials of Construction:
• Carbon Steel, Viton®
Inlet Port:
• 1/2″ FNPT
Outlet Port:
• 1/2″ FNPT
Run Connection:
• 1/2″ FNPT
Operating Pressure:
• 0.8 US Gallons: 1500 psig @ -20 °F to 120 °F
• 1 US Gallon: 1800 psig @ -20 °F to 120 °F
• 5 US Gallons: 1200 psig @ -20 °F to 120 °F

FTO DataSheet

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