Welker OdorXice™ Plus

OdorXice Plus™ is based on patented technology designed to break down mercaptans and other organosulfur compounds, including hydrogen sulfide. This safe and biodegradable formula will completely eliminate the source of odors on any surface.

Earth Friendly
Immediately upon application, OdorXice Plus™ completely neutralizes mercaptans to which it is applied. Use OdorXice Plus™ for decommissioning vessels and meters, soil remediation, and line clean-out. The product is not only safe, but also perfect for use on tools, fittings, gloves, boots, and clothing.

OdorXice Plus™ can be used on surface temperatures ranging from -10 °F to 150 °F (-23 °C to 66 °C), so long as it remains a safe working area. If product is frozen, simply thaw at room temperature and put back into service

OdorXice Plus™
Available Sizes
• 8 oz
• 1 US Quart
• 1 US Gallon

OdorXice DataSheet

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